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About Angus Smith Marine Townsville

Providing a complete Townsville marine service

Angus James Smith founded Angus Smith Marine in Townsville in 1965. His love of fishing provided the respite from his busy public life as Mayor of the city of Townsville, a position
he held from 1952 to 1967.

In those early days of marine technologies, the first outboard was a 1.5hp British Seagull, which Angus and family used from their beach hut at Cungulla. At that stage and time Angus began to realise the future recreational potential of boats and outboard motors.

This Townsville marine based retail and service centre, affectionately known as Angus Smith Marine was formed.

Those early days saw an alliance with Angus Smith Marine and Evinrude with the big demand on the 18hp and 25hp Evinrude models rigged to a 12ft tinnie for estuary fishing, which is abundant in our waters. How times have changed.

boats townsville
townsville marine
boats townsville
angus smith marine
townsville marine

Ian Smith, third son of Angus, being keen to learn the business spent six years working with Evinrude and Johnson motors. Beginning on the assembly line and graduating through the ranks of both service and sales representation to become service manager with their New Zealand operations, returning in 1975 to take over the family business.

With this background, the company takes pride in providing quality service. For all aspects of marine, boats, boats for sale and used boats providing a complete Townsville marine service.

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New Boats

Lifestyles have changed greatly over the years, and more and more, people are taking to the water for their leisure time. Advancing with trends and technology, Angus Smith Marine maintains strong ties with two of Australia’s leading pleasure boat manufacturers.

New Motors
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Evinrude are the global leaders in outboard engine technology and offer the world’s best range of marine engines designed to deliver absolute power and the utmost economy.

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To really enjoy your day on the water in a fantastic boat from the Townsville marine leaders you'll need to be properly equipped for comfort, style and safety - as the leading boats supplier we have a excellent range of boating accessories for sale.

boats townsville

Our marine service department is headed up by the renowned Gary Lancashire who has been with Angus Smith Marine since 1974 and is an expert in servicing all boats and motors including new and used boats.

Providing quality products from the leading boating accessories manufacturers
Including world class brands such as...



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